I'm Taylor Davis, writer and editor of Lazy Canary, interview enthusiast, psychology hobbyist, and art lover.

At 19, I became intrigued by the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I desperately wanted to break away from retail and food service and be my own boss.

My first attempts at freelancing included Fiverr and Upwork (stay AWAY!) and online vintage resale through Poshmark, eBay, and Etsy. I just couldn't stay committed to either endeavor. I neglected both areas because I was severely lacking in passion.

My second attempt was a rough version of a writer's blog (I had zero web design experience). The problem lay in the substance; I had nothing to say! I knew I could write, technically, and that I loved and appreciated the English language, but I had no voice.

I didn't even have the confidence to attempt one blog post. I trashed the website and decided on a new focus; creative writing. I finally found my voice through poetry. I use AllPoetry.com to connect with other writers and seek criticism.

In 2018, newly married at 24, I launched Lazy Canary. I have so much to express through writing, and like a canary I'm optimistic, even when I feel caged.

I'm currently open to new writing projects. If you'd like to discuss content pricing and fresh ideas, email me using the link below.

Be a Force of Good

I also run Prisoners in Power, an organization focused on the education and betterment of the American people. We distribute snail mail courses to the incarcerated community.


Click below to check out our available courses and enroll an inmate.

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